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Welcome to the blog dedicated to former Montpellier HSC playmaker and Morocco NT midfielder Younès Belhanda. Winner of Gambardella Cup in 2009, 2012 Ligue 1 Champion and Coupe de la Ligue 2011 finalist. Blog closed on 03/07/2013. - 4630 visits.

It’s time to say goodbye…

2 seasons, 2 African Cup of Nations, 1 Ligue 1 title, 645 posts, 3 174 tweets and more than 1600 followers : running this blog over the past 2 years has been an amazing experience, and I’d like to thank you all for this. 

Blogging on everything about Belhanda, MHSC, Ligue 1, Morocco national team, sharing opinions with tweeps and fellow bloggers has been an exciting experience. But as everything it has to come to an end. 

We, as 2 admins, decided to stop running this blog, way earlier even before the transfert announcement, for several reasons. 

First, because we wanted to do something new in terms of blogging, editing, tweeting, and creating content in general. 

Second, and we’ll be honest, we won’t be able to follow the Ukraine league for weekly reports and infos. And as we always provided you quality content, and we know we won’t be able to do it in a regular basis, we prefer to stop here. 

I’ve really appreciated chatting with all of you guys from all over the world, sharing opinions, talking about our common passion which is football. But it also brings me experiences on blogging and social media insights. 

We’ll let the blog and its content available for anyone who want to visit it and will only change the url to ‘younesbelhandafans’ and let this one available. 

If you’d like to keep in touch with us, here are our respective blogs. connectedfootball & myrieta where we continue to talk about the beautiful game and we’ll continue to follow Belhanda of course, especially with the national team ! 

I hope you guys appreciated it, thanks for all of your support and see you soon ! 

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Mohamed Chikhi, Moroccan U19 player gives us here a true lesson of what fairplay, sportmanship and respect to the opponent mean. 

We often forget that before being athlete having high expectations on them, football players are men, whith emotions. 

After winning the Mediterranean Games in Turkey against the host country, he celebrated and took time to salute Turkish players who were devastated.

Thanks to Mohamed Chikhi for reminding us that indeed, this game is a beautiful one. 

( via @Prosmarocains)

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Younès Belhanda posing with Dynamo Kiev shirt. He will wear number 90. (via Koora Maghribiya)

Younès Belhanda posing with Dynamo Kiev shirt. He will wear number 90. (via Koora Maghribiya)

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In Netherlands, recently for Wknederland


Amrabat ve Ben 


Amrabat ve Ben 

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